Study of clasped Hands - Ford Madox Brown - circa 1846
Study of clasped Hands – Ford Madox Brown – circa 1846

Spoken Version


Folded, I am small enough
to fit the space between
your hands
clasped when they pray
to bedside floorboards

Write precious notes, cover me
in scribbled secrets
my mouth less body will keep

Walk me past congregations in
city squares, streets,
hide me inside the crack of
a walled garden
where fresh Love goes to kiss
under white lilac,
forget me there,
rain will feed me to mud
to the rhythm of Sunday bells
from the mouth of church

I am bone colored paper
creased into myself,
shaped into a sleeping crane
on the edge of your fingernail,
whisper into me and leave me be
on a wooden table,
to be collected by wind, or the
hand of someone you just missed
from the corner of your eyes
years before

I am a shroud covering you
on the funeral pyre
write wishes on my body,
everything you wanted
everything you became

We are ashes floating in air
sinking down to feed a garden
we are floating tatters of black
pushed through winds,
we are speck on a field
the smile on a mountain
fresh Love

Strange that my body,
folded onto itself, thin as a blade would fit
wishes for round bellies
fertile with children, requests
for clemency, lovers

my body,
smaller than arms
fits so much more

19 Comments on “Wishes

  1. ah well…no apologies… feelings expressed, distilled into a beautiful fulfillment of expression, trumps quantity any time. “Ruts” come from hard rains and soft surface …the better to tread one’s beautifully expressive self

    1. Because I’m blocked, I felt it bubbling a little yesterday though. And I have some ideas on the go.

      Thanks for smacking me over the head. Any progress on your end? I’ve been seeing your beautiful photos coming through

    1. Joanna, thank you so much for visiting and the kind words, I will hopefully start posting again very soon. I’ve been blocked for some time. Receiving comments like yours motivates me.

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