We woke to a dream


We woke to a dream,
disappearing under each other’s skin
absorbed by flesh of night
dissolved beneath one another
resting against the headboard of night
tugged at our ankles by wind to the
chorus song of green tree tops

We woke to a dream
falling with the sharp song of starlings
diving, spiralling
over meadows of blankets
nesting beneath sierras of pillows
ridding the ebbing draft between fleshy
hips of cotton field valleys

We woke to a dream
where a river flowed outside our window,
dripping from the mouth of ceilingless skies
where we wadded our feet before swimming
with bare bodies under the warmth of daylight

    diving into the deep
    towards starry skies
    pulled under by constellations weeded
    around soft human dream bodies fed
    warmed, breathed
    dreamed in vertigo

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