To write Love




Last night I realized
that I was like you
our insides and minds
walking minefields
through which we stumble

living and speaking too much from
xxxxxxxxxxthe left side of the heart
xxxxxxxxxxand you from the right

Know that we are too big
for our bodies
that we foolishly
turn ourselves inside out
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxtoo much
Into a cornucopia
flourish of feeling
half the time speaking hell
the other time speaking
too much for even ourselves
to understand

We always say the wrong thing
to somebody
xxxxxxbecause our throats are loaded with the
weight of lead, that we just can’t cough enough
to spew onto the floor

We poke, prod
the inside of our skull
so hard, to get out

lay on the floor of kitchens
with the weight of a thousand
pointy knifes on your chest
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxcarving skin
so that whatever ghosts hunt you
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxcan escape
to be slayed like dragons
or be embraced like a lover

Let’s throw away knives
leave markers behind
so that you can write Love
xxxxxxxon your forearms

Let’s paint your kitchen floor
so that you scribble in chalk
instead of bleeding red
onto white at night

8 Comments on “To write Love

  1. This was a very touching post! I enjoyed the words of your poem, but also the way you formatted it! It added texture and depth to the words. Your friends are blessed to have you in their lives!

      1. Lol. I figured if I was reading your library, I might as well give something. It seems we have all been fighting through our own personal hells. I’m glad you are rising above. It’s great to come in contact with you. 🙂

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