Tennessee Dream



My body dressed in burial black raised from
the round belly of a green field among
saffron yellow reeds

An intense Tennessee afternoon horizon
bright with chirping cicadas welcomed
me, the scent of musky hearth filled
the space behind my eyes,
long grass combed by the fingers
of a meandering breeze wrapped
around my bare feet, like a lion’s beard
a horse’s mane

Swaying willows caught soupy
warm air like canvas sails pulling
this vision beneath clouds,
past the breath of flying blue herons
nesting downstream from seductive
white linen-clad sirens washing their hair

Snickering wind-chime songs floated from
the white field house porch playing
hide-and-go-seek with children in their
Sunday best, they would cunningly hide
in a dry well where stars sought a shelter
from city lights at night, conspiring with glow-bugs
telegraphing God on the other side of the valley

A dusty black carriage procession snaked
the driveway, flies played tag with
braided horse tails whilst gravel crushed
underfoot kept time to the trotting
past a closing wooden gate

I laid my head against a bowing willow,
slept to the scent of musky hearth
behind my eyes, the playful voice of
wind-chime laughter

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