Some days


Some days
my hands feel as though
    they are made of loaded coffins
    that I carry about

My jaw heavy as concrete slabs
    weighing me down
    a reminder I am made of brick and
    that will someday build
    a home
    Slabs sometimes dragged behind
    plowing fields
    reaping that which I have sown

Some days
my head feels as though pushed through
    a funnel
    dripped out the other side
    a reminder I was conceived
    by water
    the element which calls me back

On occasion I am lite as air
    I tether myself down
    to uproot
    turning this earth upside-right
    dragging out that which was once
    great, but now forgotten,
    mothers, and lovers lost holding us tight
    squeezing out our breath and filling us
    with enough to forget
    some days we are mud
    we are stone
    heavy as plows

9 Comments on “Some days

  1. I have had days such as these. It is amazing how heavy the body truly becomes and how gray one’s vision becomes. And no matter how one tries to remedy it – it gets worse. Then some days one feels like the air is less cloudy and a spring has sprung in one’s feet – but – then bam. Lead. Life is a challenging enough ride as it is – the emotional upheavals and life changes – whatever they maybe – can make it a horrifying ride. But – I have tried to look at it as a ride. Or a race – it has a beginning and middle and end. And all the miles in between. Some miles easier than others. This tough mile – rough patch – will get easier and make you stronger for the next one which will inevitably come because they do. Okay, I will shut up now – I am talking to myself as much as to you. God knows I need the pep talk. 😉

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