Unknown Photographer

I woke to a silhouette
framed by darkness
flooding my room,
resting on my mattress

The infinite space
this man’s hand,
and shadowed contour,
of chasm between
breasts, inner thighs,
canyon walls

I endeavoured to hold
on to silence
quiescent gaze
dormant rest

Arrest time,
movement of cogs,
persistent springs
of clock towers

Before deafening strike
of dawn bells
sent that darling penumbra vision
into flight,
a shadow momentarily
passing through
arteries of city night

…tickling eaves-troughs
   on suicide edges of black roofs,

To become flashes of exploding
electric sparks
on dangling streetcar wires
lighting frosted second floor

        Rooms for lovers
        hanging from the edge of
        mattresses, touching
        lips…in the fleeting shape of “O”

To become a departed

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