Dance me on rush hour city streets
    sheltered by skyscrapers
    from blinding sun
in underground parking garages
    dimly lit by flickering lights

Come hide behind alleyways
I’ll hold your thighs to the wall until
our lookout claps his hands
flipping pigeons from roof tops
warning us
of imminent interruption

We will plant clandestine gardens
between poor tenements
decorate within their nooks and crannies
scribble mementoes in wet sidewalk cement

Fling heels from our third storey walk-up
onto suspended power lines
as celebration
of a third day in bed sweating through walls

Let’s forget our flesh pinned against headboards
uproot our insides so we are only thought
and let this room breathe us in

Let us be shamelessly in Love

4 Comments on “Shameless

  1. Beautifully written poem, of which I could every line as a favourite. The words and images perfectly depict the the energy and longing that lovers have for one another. Superb!

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