We are each other’s secret
mine to treasure
you are a room in my house
with stained glass windows
pointed inward
where light pours in

xxxxxxxxxxWe are a secret held between
xxxxxxxxxxour bodies
xxxxxxxxxxtold when our naked stomachs

In the curve of your shoulder
you are persuasion
to devour you whole
this room
this house
and entire worlds

xxxxxxxxxxAnd blow out from my mouth
xxxxxxxxxxeverything that will become of us
xxxxxxxxxxthe starting phrase we have yet to
xxxxxxxxxxas we have barely
xxxxxxxxxxput pen to paper

I want to revel in this room
covered in this secret
xxxxxxxxxxa blanket of
xxxxxxxxxxwindy cities
xxxxxxxxxxand quiet desserts

4 Comments on “Secret

  1. Loved it. I loved the way you described and turned someone into a room in your house, I like that image a lot. I also loved :”a blanket of
    windy cities
    and quiet desserts” – the best blanket ever! 🙂

      1. It’s “Color me in Cyanide and CHerry” and there is 2 big projects already going on under this name, where other people I meet often get involved 🙂
        I did not think of it, it was simply who I am and I have been using that sentence to name everything I do since 2004 or something 🙂

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