Clive Barker's tortured souls


My darling cruel Gods,
I opened a hole
at the center of
my chest

      So your breath could
      pass through me,
      save those I
      left behind

Forgive my requests for salvation
against your vicious syllabus,
comedic life play

      For having forgotten
      your names,
      faceless apparitions,
      voices from whence I
      was born
      before gasping sterile
      birth room air,
      howling at guillotine knife
      caress of the umbilical

Though these are not virgin
prayer words,
sometimes sharp as swords

      I would bleed my neck from
      suspended bridges,
      decorate seas with
      crimson colored life,
      pollute deltas, peninsulas
      with fruit of my wasted life,
      iron stench,
      melt white sands to
      indiscernible colored glass

      Should you save those,
…..…more worthy than me 

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