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Hang my lungs from your neck
whilst I roll into the deep,
crushed by the pressure of
turquoise embrace

I will take my breath from the
mouths of sub-water angels
gliding above undulating
sandy ocean bottom

Send your love notes to me whispered
onto tattered pieces of parchment,
collected by undercurrents,
couriered by whale giants singing
ancient lullabies to their calf children

They will remember them, alongside
dark nightly skies from the ancient world
only interrupted by punched
eyelets for Gawds, long before
they polluted the orchard with Adam,
the seas with cutting tools of man

Hang my lungs from your neck,
empty my last breath from them
one day at a time
to recall my last words before I sunk,
pulled down to the place whence
I came,
falling towards songs of Pangaea

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