She was like water – circa Mar/Apr 2013

Something dating back to 2013

I like leafing through my journals back to around that time. Though my entries may seem somewhat negative, I would change nothing about those days; they were transforming and I’m glad I fell so hard, for if I hadn’t I would never have learned to get back up, I wouldn’t have exploded and have had to pickup the pieces to rebuild…me…I am now the ever-changing best version of myself.

Now I understand, that “one doesn’t fall, one simply lands” (thank you Anis Mojgani)

Journaled circa March-April /2013 – Never meant to live outside my Moleskine book

She was like water

Not in the sense that she was cleansing or adaptable
but in the sense that she would wear me down
pull limbs apart in the riptide
make me disapear into a vast mass of blue

She would raise
exalted with the moon
and lay putrified with the ebb of tides
and like water she too would selfishly take everything in her path
break it into manageable pieces and make it all hers
until tidal waves spat out the remains of me

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