In study and lust

This used the piece “Cliché” as a starting point


I regarded you like the sex
I had not smelled in lifetimes

I observed your silent promise dangling
from a hanging hip like junkie spike-play
in alleyway heavens, needle tunnels
of sweet forgiving femoral artery fix

I watched you in study and lust,
the space between your knees measured and
inhabited by mineral spirits diluting cobalt blues,
cadmium reds, still settling on the ceiling
of the Sistine chapel, and Michelangelo’s words
only speaking in bone dust after centuries

Before the monstrous birthing grunt
of diesel powered pistons,
the electrical song of a third rail,
train stations dressed in black suits
steam powered engines glanced
at your wide brim hat
concealing Judy Garland lips

Navy ports once dawned sailor whites,
New York Gene Kelly smiles
flashing between “welcome home” confetti
searching for your pencil skirt
seamed stockings leading all the way up,
towards Times Square kisses

I regarded you like the sex
I had not smelled in lifetimes
searched for between the chasms of my sheets

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