I want to tell you that you are perfect in your imperfection

Hips you call too wide
the curve of your back
curled toes and fingers
Skin and breasts stretched from birthing
xxxxxxxand the occasional chewed fingernails

In your morning skin
When your makeup was rubbed off
xxxxxxxfrom kissing
xxxxxxxand rubbing noses
xxxxxxxin a intimate embrace

You are perfect in  your imperfection
xxxxxxxthe mole at the base of your back
xxxxxxxonly felt in the late evening
xxxxxxxwhen breath was exchanged between lovers
xxxxxxxby a hand supporting you
xxxxxxxpulling you closer still
xxxxxxxin that moment you were perfect

We are all perfect in our imperfection
xxxxxxxwe are perfect because this is the way the dust settled
xxxxxxxhow the universe conspired to piece us together
xxxxxxxhow it all came to be
xxxxxxxfrom particles
xxxxxxxpieces of stars

You are powerful water
xxxxxxxhumble mud
xxxxxxxa part of everything that is
xxxxxxxand everything that will be
xxxxxxxlong after you are dust

At this very moment
xxxxxxxright now
You are exactly where you should be
xxxxxxxwho you should be

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