I Wish…

I wish I could have dug below
your chest bone
for your heart
xxxxxxxxxxand see what lain within

But this I could not do
instead I opened mine
held it for you in my hands
offered it between my palms

From within a
closeted wordsmith
xxxxxxxxxxtinkerer of words
xxxxxxxxxxmaster of star fields outside this universe
xxxxxxxxxxdescribed for you on cotton paper

Mastered impossible alchemy
carefully plucked words from those I could find
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxarranged them
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxas to replace shinny trinkets

But still
I now feel
it was not enough

My words
xxxxxxxxtoo often out of form
My memory
xxxxxxxxtoo weak from medicine

But still…know this
xxxxI will find a place in you
xxxxbetween your bones and soft flesh
xxxxbuild a room so narrow our hands will touch both walls
xxxxa place without a roof
xxxxso that we would pluck out stars in the dark
xxxxwith an unmade bed in the centre we will call home

5 Comments on “I Wish…

  1. This piece is amazing. I like the use of the word – wordsmith:) most of all, i can understand the meaning and thoughts you are conveying, or at least my interpretation of them.

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