Your evening gaze penetrated my skin
between fractured light of city dusk,
witnessed fluorescent lights of taxis
hurtled down the avenue with
long bearded howling madmen cabbies
at the wheel, mouths agape
screaming the scream of horns
speaking in tongues promising rides
to Mecca

Your gaze penetrated my flesh
meandered the highways of my veins,
navigated the city lights of my synapses
racing empty hairpin turns scrubbed clean before
sunrise of blood spilled by knife fights between
my two halves in the midst of night,
the drunk broken artery splitting beer
bottle shards, swept clean before morning
work rush hour

Your gaze crawled East Side trench warfare ditches
to the hilltop to view that city from above,
street lights filtered through opaque fog of tear gas
smell, the scent of artillery rounds fired at my chest
by my own hand

Your gaze balanced and composed between my
two halves planting itself amidst my bones,
grew immense forests there, built tree houses for
school-children, swings of suburban sunrise peace,
brought scent of Autumn fireplaces
down empty foggy streets fracturing the light of dawn

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