PHOTO CREDIT: Lee Plaza Hotel, Detroit, photo by Bonnie Beechler

Based on the above photo posted on the MAGPIE TALES
project website


a self-imposed exile
where I with raw fingers
     peel paint
in search of a manuscript
laid upon these walls
painted over long ago

    I search a thread
    connecting inked maps
    charts to stars observed at night

To trek oceans of vast darkness
space between dots of blinding light
and unknown space beyond
             these walls

I tare couches
lift floorboards
in a mission to discover
blueprints to a great ladder
whose vision descends in dreams

And whose steps I will
bed my foot on
climb its spiral skeleton above this room
and inch my way towards planets

Swing from the tip of a crescent moon
as momentum
brings me past heaven’s ceiling
so that I may scrape its hues with raw fingertips

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