Photo by Dan Newton
Photo by Dan Newton – www.dannewton.com



Rocks skipped across the night sky sinking
in a streaking flash towards atmosphere,
a grand finale I wanted to freezeĀ in midair,
wish on forever

Your body rained down the next evening
from a celestial pedestal of wishes,
embraced me in a wet blanket sent down
from gluttonous clouds

I smelled you on vapor rising from warm
sweet grass bearing fields, where winds
would not dare disturb that whisper

I could hear your voice reverberating
from shanty tin roofs tapped by the
fingertips of raindrops, taste you
on the tip of my tongue

I learned to breathe underwater,
to walk the seabed, sink beneath
surf dotted with your pointe dance
on its surface, and filled my lungs
with the glorious wish of you

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