The last in a series of three, which I wrote during my short hiatus

Judith II (Salome) 1909 Gustav Klimt
Judith II (Salome) 1909
Gustav Klimt



Where did you learn your cruelty,
to sew lips together
plant my throat with miss-meanings
and have them
grow into my lungs
pollute my breath and intentions

A craft learned
from threading closed the mouths of
the unsuspecting,
their trophy heads plunked on your skirt
with mouth agape
eye lids removed as to regard your form
whilst a needle hovered above

A practiced cross-stitch
meticulously threaded through holes,
pinpricks, dark and miniscule
as your pupils were
the day I observed them,
scratched by sunlight sliced through
my window as to throw light into you

10 Comments on “Cruelty

  1. Your work … it’s unlike most out there. Your word choices and stringings – something much to learn here in how to write better I think. Grateful for knowing your work.

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