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Ever since I started writing again, I’ve made a concentrated effort to keep a large journal on my bedside table and a pen (this is key). I’ve found that my best comes as I wake up or as I’m about to fall asleep, this has become my main source of material as usually a piece is formulated from a single word, and accompanying visualization or a stanza.

Immediately after the thought comes I try to jot it down before any interruption, and have to make an effort not to let myself build on it before it rests in the journal, it will usually live there for a day or two until I can sit down with a pen or laptop and expand on it. Sometimes it may sit longer, a good example of that is the piece entitled “Cancer”, it made my journal its home for approximately six months before seeing the light of day; I find that forcing out the stanzas just doesn’t work for me.

For a while I wondered if I was doing it the right way, should I be working on one piece at a time or as it flows? Should I be forcing it out and concentrating on themes? To be honest I still don’t know the answer. I’m a closeted writer and only two people (literally) in my personal life know about this blog or that I can put words together, and so I haven’t had the privilege to ask another writer for their opinion. So let me ask you, what is YOUR process? Do you work on several pieces at one time? What is your process?

PS: I’m sorry Cristina that I didn’t ask you, you are of course 50% of my writing support, it just didn’t occur last time I saw you.

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  1. For me, the process is varied. Sometimes, like you, an idea, or word, or verse comes to me in a moment and I put it to paper, in the middle of the night, in the middle of dinner, at the beginning of consciousness, whenever it hits me and I grasp the opportunity.

    From that point, it might spill out all at once, without me truly knowing what I’m even creating, just feeling and letting it happen. Other times, like you said, I let it brew, I formulate ideas, paint a picture sort of thing and work on it from there, sometimes for months, just building it as it comes to me. Sometimes I know exactly what I want to write, and the process again is varied. It may spill out easily and freely. I may have to force it, stumble in my attempt to translate from my mind to paper, then tear it to pieces and rebuild it.

    I have plenty of unfinished pieces, some that may remain that way forever – single verses, single lines. Sometimes I’m focussed on one piece, sometimes several. I don’t know if there really is a right way. I think you need to feel it out and find your own way. the way that works best for you. It may not even be one way.

    I enjoy reading your work, though I do honestly have trouble finding the time to read everyone I’m following all the time. Your writing style resonates with me.

    I don’t personally know a single person following my blog. However, I do tell my friends and they do read, from the shadows – invisible eyes I may never know about. They were ultimately the ones who inspired me and encouraged me to share my work publicly.


    1. Hi JT. thanks for the reply.

      I’m up and down with the process, over the last three days I’ve found that I’m forcing myself rather than having the luxury of just having things flow. I am currently obsessing over a line in my head and trying to build it into something, but I suppose that’s how it starts.

      I do often wonder if this flow will just stop, and the well will dry out.

      Thanks for reading and commenting when you can, I understand it’s impossible for subscribers to stop by all the time, there’s just too much material out there. I currently follow quite a few people and am in the same boat, but if I get at least one comment I’m happy as it touched someone outside my small circle.

      If you’re ever in Toronto, let me know and let’s have a beer.


      1. I just finished a piece that started from a line I wrote down a few weeks ago. I might post it soon. Also just found another line from who knows when, that I might turn into…something. We’ll see. It almost sounds like something I might not agree with…I may have been drunk or half asleep and it just popped into my head and I thought it sounded cool. The nearly illegible writing suggests so…

        “Enemies are made through the miscommunication of love.”

        Where would YOU take that idea?

        I don’t believe the well ever dries up, but the person might…

        I’d definitely be down for a beer some time. Probably won’t be until nicer weather, but I’ll let you know in advance if something comes up. Thanks for the offer. 🙂

        Perhaps I’ll even tell you my real name.


        1. Yeah, the crap weather isn’t helping anyone, I’m dying to get into a patio. I actually had no idea you were in Toronto, I don’t know why but I immediately assume that anyone on here is in the U.S.

          “Enemies are made through the miscommunication of love” – What I get out of that is If all communication was an expression of love, one wrong word or misunderstanding would lead to arguments. You could get into a twisted journey of love: Step 1- all communication is an expression of love, Step 2-an expression is miscommunicated and enemies are made, Step 3-war becomes the expression of love, Step 4-throwing Molotov cocktails instead of giving bouquets of flowers as an expression of love, rioting as a family event, carpet bombing as a token of appreciation

          Just like you I don’t agree with the sentiment, but you would have to get into a different mindset…War as an expression of love, pretty interesting stuff, do it.

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