Your heart

It lays cradled
bound in place
containing a ring box filled
with your mother’s best trinkets
xxxxxxxxxxxxxcarefully picked
xxxxxxxxxxxxxfor the occasion of conception

You were crafted by her hand
golden hair weaved by needle
and your heart
stitched shut by threads of
xxxxxxxxxxbrown twine
xxxxxxxxxxshinny copper

Your father
placed two ribs on your left side
crossed one over the other
the way you crossed your index fingers over your lips as a child
xxxxxxxxxxfused together as a promise to protect your heart
xxxxxxxxxxfloating above it
xxxxxxxxxxuntil your frame is turned to dust

Your backbone was carved
from a hardwood tree in a field
xxxxxxxxxxto give your hips shape
xxxxxxxxxxthe form of  your rounded back
xxxxxxxxxxso that a loving hand has a place
xxxxxxxxxxto craddle you

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