Photographer: Jeff Vier licensed under Creative Commons
Photographer: Jeff Vier – work licensed under Creative Commons


I made an altar for you of trinkets
discarded novels,
somewhere to sit your memory at
when I recall our last night together
under a San Francisco bridge

We warmed our hands in each other’s
amongst the bay’s salt lip stained breeze,
bringing fog on its shoulders
and ghostly horns of tug boats
dragging prickly noosed ropes behind
like wayward hangmen

Leaned with the slight sway of the
long sleepy red structure
dancing with shifting winds,
watched waves and Alcatraz
white shark tides court its

Listened to the wheel hum of
steel carriages
running its platform echoing
the city’s mantra,
dragging red lightning
bolts of brake lights behind,
whilst we made wishes on those
shooting stars

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