Based in Toronto, Canada John Lopes is the son of a first generation immigrant family hailing from Portugal. John began writing as a tool of exploration and as a means to overcome clinical depression, he hopes to provide his readers with approachable and relatable poetry. He is a self-taught writer who began his education when he discovered Pablo Neruda who remains a major influence in his work.

His first book titled CLOCKWORK, was made available through online retailers in 2016, unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances (as they often are in this industry) the book was taken off the shelves after a short period of time, the original publishing house of the work shut its doors permanently.
Under legal council the author decided to wait a period of time before re-releasing the whole body of work to the online community. As of January 15, 2017 the work will be presented in its entirety on this website with pieces submitted for peer review and contest purposes.

Printed copiesĀ are still available upon request via the form below for trade (book for book) or donation.

You may contact the writer using this form below and find him through the following social media channels.





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